OCTA’s Highway Delivery Department identified a need to reduce the risk associated with project delivery. In 2008, OCTA hired PQM as part of their Program Management Support Services contract. PQM developed and implemented a Quality Management Program and oversaw more than 40 consultants who prepared projects as part of a $3 billion Capital Improvement Program.
The Quality Management Program increased the consistency and reliability of the project reports, environmental documents, final design documents, and construction documents prepared in the planning, design and construction phases by the consultant community. The Quality Program required that a quality assurance plan be initiated, maintained and monitored for each project throughout the project delivery process. PQM reviewed and approved the Quality Management Plans and monitored performance and compliance against that Quality Management Plan. We performed surveillance and product audits at significant submittal milestones, identified discrepancies, prepared corrective action plans and assured corrective actions were implemented.

During the course of PQM leading OCTA’s Quality Program, we prepared several studies that lead to project delivery process improvement recommendations such as improved procedures, contract revisions, staffing requirements and organizational changes. This program provided confidence to OCTA Managers and Caltrans District 12 that the Quality Control functions are properly implemented, resulting in reduced construction change orders and ultimately reduced the risk of cost overruns and schedule delays.