Port of Long Beach Quality Management
Quality Management System Development

The Port of Long Beach (POLB) is one of the most successful seaports in the world. In order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing global economy, they initiated a proactive approach to updating and modernizing their infrastructure. It became crucially important to POLB for the designers to deliver high quality construction documents to help minimize or eliminate schedule delays and cost overruns.

In 2012, the POLB hired PQM to develop a Quality Management System (QMS) to support the Program Managers with the design delivery process and bring these processes together into a single integrated QMS. The program captured lessons learned during construction, which could be applied to improve processes related to overall project delivery and methodology.

PQM implemented the QMS in May 2013, trained POLB staff and maintained the program through the implementation phase. The integration enabled four previously distinct processes to function in harmony as a single system, delivering consistently high levels of quality for all new projects and a construction feedback system to capture lessons learned. The four processes include:

  • QMS
  • The Project Delivery Process
  • The Professional Consulting Services Process
  • The Risk Analysis and Assessment Process

Project Profile – 2017