SR-91 Corridor Improvement Design-Build

RCTC invested $632M into improving 14 miles of the corridor with Express Lanes between the Orange/Riverside County line and north and south of the I-15. This Design-Build project became a revenue generating facility in March of 2017.

The contract required independence between the Quality Organization and production. The Atkinson Walsh Joint Venture (AWJV) hired PQM to lead the Quality Management Team. PQM provided ten positions which included the Quality Manager, Deputy Quality Manager, Laboratory QA Manager, Quality Engineer, Auditors, Materials Engineer, Document Control Manager, and administrative support. At an 18-month peak of the project, the Quality Organization consisted of 51 people. PQM was responsible for developing and implementing the project’s Quality Management Program for design and construction. At the core of this, was installing a quality culture across the project organization. We took a risk based approach and applied ISO 9001:2008 standards, along with Six Sigma methodologies to identify performance improvements. Our goal was to always be improving processes, reducing waste, and minimizing rework. This resulted in a more efficient performance and helped to mitigate interferences with the construction means and methods.

The project required complete, accurate and organized documentation of the materials, inspection records, materials traceability, materials testing reports, and as-build drawings. The Quality Management Team managed the document control for materials and inspection, and our proactive approach to this function was crucial to an efficient project close-out.